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of the rockies retreat in colorado. a discussion about gun laws and the second amendment. among the speakers is a policemen who shot and killed a gunman at church five years ago. this is an hour and five minutes. >> there are few topics that capture the national conversation with more ideas, thoughts and emotions than gun laws in this country. hime going introduce a panel that is going to discuss this issue. speaking on this topic allow me to introduce our speakers. i will read the introductions as we introduce them in order. mary katherine ham who has pocken here two years ago. editor at large he brings to our panel politics on gun control. you have seen her on the fox news channel taking on big names from the left, most recently, she made national headlines when she had a heated debate about the politics and gun laws in this country. david copele is here. he's a research director and a society policy analysts in washington and a professor of advanced constitutional law at the university of denver's college of law. before joining the institute, he served as an assistant attorney general for
of the president of the united states, behind the issue today. the president traveled to denver, colorado, where he was introduced by the local police chief and planked by law enforcement officers to draw washington's attention, again, to gun safety. >> we need parents, we need teachers, we need police officers, we need pastors, we need hunters and sportsmen, americans of every background, to say, we've suffered too much pain and care too much about our children to allow this to continue. we're not going to just wait for the next newtown or the next aurora before we act. and i -- i genuinely believe that's what the overwhelming majority of americans, i don't care what party they belong to, that's what they want. they just want to see some progress. part of the reason it's so hard to get this done is because both sides of the debate sometimes don't listen to each other. the people who take absolute positions on these issues on both sides sometimes aren't willing to concede even an inch of ground. >> the president's choice of location was, of course, intentional. meant to send a message. recognizing
on c-span. leadershipe annual program of the rockies retreat in colorado, discussion about gun laws and the second amendment. among the speakers is a policewoman who shot and killed a gunman at a church in colorado five years ago and this is an hour and five minutes. -- ago. this is an hour and five minutes. topics that few capture the national conversation with more ideas, thoughts, and emotions than gun laws. i'm pleased to announce a very distinguished panel that is here to discuss this very issue right now. our panel is entitled our second amendment. a guarantee of freedom. to speak on this topic, allow me to introduce our speakers. i will read the introductions as we introduce them in order. mary catherine ham, who is spoken here before two years at large at "hot air." she brings to our panel a deep understanding of the national media's politics on gun control. on any given day, you have probably seen her on the fox news channel taking on some big names from the left, most recently -- left. most recently, she made headlines after heated debate with juan williams about the polit
. people across the state, that's the power of your voice. by the way, connecticut is not alone. colorado, maryland have all passed gun safety reforms as well. [applause] these are all states that share an awful familiarity with guns violent, whether it's the horror of mass killings or street crime that's too common in too many neighborhoods. all of these states also share a strong tradition of sport shooting and gun ownership it's been a part of the fabric of people's lives for generations in every single one of the states, including connecticut decided we can protect more citizens from gun violence will still protect dean our second amendment rights. [applause] a protect our kids and our rights. so connecticut has shown the way and now is the time for congress to do the same. [cheers and applause] now is the time for congress to do the same this week. it's a time for congress to do the same. [cheers and applause] now back in january, just a few months after the tragedy in newtown, i announced a series of actions to keep our kids safe. and i put forward commonsense proposals, much like t
with mexico and the water. the colorado river is 1,450 miles long not the longest river in north america by any means nor does it have the most flow, and maybe number seven with size but it drops 8,000 feet from the source and the rockies and used to flow all the way down to the gulf of california reaching the ocean. it doesn't reach there very often anymore. only on rare occasions. there only seven states that depend in the river and to in mexico wyoming which probably has the least amount of water but most of the source tributaries of colorado and nevada, utah nevada, utah, new mexico and arizona and california. the basic water law in the west of prior appropriations is different from repairing water law. where water rights are connected to land and then you have a right to that water if you sell the land use all the water for the cannot sell the water without selling the land attached. but there is not enough water out here to have the law operate that way. so the minors very nearly in western history of the early 1800's coming to california made up their own agreement with each other
, president obama, threw this week to colorado to give a -- what shall i say, nonpolitical talk. >> not and if you raiser. >> andy bills that to the american public. then he flies from there to california. >> no he doesn't. the fund-raiser he bills the campaign committee, or the dnc. the colorado trip is public policy. >> public policy, that's billed to you and me and the rest of the public. then he flies from colorado to san francisco and to another point in california. and then he flies back. so he bills that, he bills the sector from colorado to california, both directions, to the dnc, the democratic national committee. the balance he bills to the american public. so do you think he's calculating to keep the dnc budget as high as -- as stable as it is? >> all presidents do it. >> they calculate how they can bill the public? >> you have a public policy event, and then a political event alongside, and these guys work it out in both white house and all of them probably. they err on the side of billing the public. >> how much do you think the colorado segment cost us by reason of
background and the history? next out going interior secretary ken salazar. his role as colorado attorney general during the columbine shootings and his future political plans this. is just over a half an hour. >> ken salazar is the outgoing interior secretary. this was a job you initially wanted? >> i didn't look for it. i didn't seek it. but at the end of the day when the president and i sat down and talked we laid out agenda that we wanted to get done. that mission has been accomplished and it's been a joyful and wonderful ride and now i'm looking forward to the next chapter in my life. >> we are in one of the largest offices for cabinet secretary in the government. what is the job of the interior secretary? >> the secretary interior is the custodian of america's natural resources and natural and historic heritage. what we do here at interior is make sure that 20 to 30% of the land mass over which we have significant say is preserved for the american people and used for the american people. we work to make sure that the relationships between the united states and nate tiff americans is
looks at the history of the colorado river and is for the southwest. book tv sat down on her most recent visit to mesa, arizona. >> it is considered to be the most litigated river in the world and that is probably very accurate. more losses, compaq was created to regulate what is collectively known as the law of the river. there's probably 13 to 15 nature laws that expand the whole 20th century up until the present time that talks about who gave how much of the water and who could take a how much every year, how to share it in a relationship with mexico on the water as well. the colorado river is about 1450 miles long. it's not the longest river in north america by any means, nor does it have good most flow. number is five and in terms. they used to flow all the way down to the gulf of california, reaching the ocean. it doesn't reach there very often anymore. there are cited dates in the united states that depend on the river to texaco. you have wyoming, which probably has the least amount of water, but also has noticed a resource tributaries along with colorado and nevada, utah, new mex
elementary school massacre in newtown, connecticut. and arapahoe county prosecutors in colorado said they would seek the death penalty for the aroura, colorado, movie theater attack. we have news this hour aabout how one state has decided to respond to the country refusing to let the killings fade away. the evolving politics of gun reform, and one state making a big leap forward on that issue tonight. we'll be blaking that news here tonight. that's coming up. >> in arkansas today, as chris covered in detail in the last hour, the clean-up continues on the big exxon oil pipeline leak. this residential neighborhood in mayflower arkansas, continues to bear the brunt of the fact we don't know how to clean up the kind of tar sands oil that was in that burst pipeline, and thad would be in the keystone pipeline that would track all the way across the nation. >> san francisco former love govern has his primary run off tomorrow to try to run for his old seat in congress again. and it's reported the nominee to be the next u.s. ambassador to japan is going to be caroline kennedy. the daughter of
the top of the hour. coming up, president obama heads to colorado to push for more gun control. >> it was completely inappropriate. these officers have a job to do. they should be on the street protecting their community, not used as political props. >> what has this law official so outraged? you will hear more from him coming up. >> rutgers basketball coach fired for attacking his players during practice repeatedly, but now another top university official may be in danger of losing his job. job. we'll tell you about that. if you have sensitive skin, try mach3 sensitive. a closer shave in a single stroke, for less irritation, even on sensitive skin. ♪ llette mach3 sensitive. gillette. the best a man can get. ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. to get our adt security system. and one really big reason -- the house next door. our neighbor's house was broken into. luckily, her family wasn't there, but wha
reeling after the head of the colorado prison system was shot dead by a white supremacist who then led -- fled to texas who was killed then in a shoshootout. sentenced to death because he is black? the case of duane buck, a former texas governor and one of the lawyers who prosecuted him are now urging the state to block his execution. the cleanup continues in arkansas after an exxonmobil pipeline burst, leaking thousands of barrels of canadian tar sands oil. we will speak with bill mckibben of all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the energy giant exxon mobil continues a clean-up of thousands of barrels of crude oil following the rupturing of a pipeline near mayflower, arkansas. the pipeline leaked for around 45 minutes, releasing more than 12,000 barrels of oil and water. the pipeline was carrying tar sands oil from canada. inside climate news reports the type of crude oil involved is especially difficult to clean up when it spills into water. efforts are underway to prevent the contamination of
-- the cortez sea to get, was that mostly hard or brittle? . >> it was hard but not tool hard. the colorado plateau is covered with chert, a glassy rock that is really really good for making tools, making very sharp edges. you find there are pieces of chert all over the place and you can still cut your skin open very quickly with it and it's been sitting out in the open. >> where does chert come from? . >> it's a marine rock that's mostly silica. you find it in these layers, sandstone layers. if you are especially in a marine or water environment, you will find this layer of chert. it's in all colors, purple, green, red, blue. it's a beautiful rock. . >> one thing i wanted to ask you, the review in the paper recently on sunday said that your book is different from all the other books about the anastazi because you brought out some of the non-flattering parts of their culture like violence. how did you conclude that they were a violent culture? . >> well, i didn't necessarily conclude they were a violent culture, i just concluded there was violence in their culture. the evidence is very clea
of those cases. >>> this morning there are chilling new details about the alleged killer of colorado corrections chief tom clements. court officials say that evan spencer ebel who allegedly shot clements at his home in colorado last month was mistakenly released from prison four years early due to a paperwork error. ebel was later killed in a shootout by texas authorities. police are looking into the possibility of a link between the colorado and texas slayings. >>> there's some good news for louisville kevin ware, the sophomore guard is already up on crutches after his tragic accident during sunday night's ncaa game versus duke. louisville coach rick pitino brought ware the game trophy when he visited monday morning where his mother said she's proud how brave her son has been throughout this ordeal. >> he's very positive. he's not so much focusing in on what happened but he's focusing on recovery. >> ware will have no medical bills related to the injury, and he'll join his teammates in atlanta saturday when they face wichita state in the final four. >>> bill karins joins us right no
won the spirit of the west award as well as the colorado book award. the book, house of rain, is craig's latest book. please help me welcome craig childs. . >> hello. i come to you from out of the desert. i'm coming to you from a landscape where once you get an eye for things, 3 grains of sand out of place draw your attention, where everything is brought to bear, where everything is hinged to a story, every drop of rain leaving a dimple in the ground. stories are everywhere out in this landscape. when you walk down into the bottom of the narrow canyons made of sandstone and you put your hands on the sand stone faces and the smooth shallow scallops that look like champagne glasses, you can feel the shape of the last flood that came through. every place in the desert is a story. every place is a passage way. it's really hard to walk very far in the desert for me because there are so many stories that start opening up and lead you from place to place and place and soon you start picking up the patterns of wind, of rain. you pick up the patterns of people who were there before you because,
soon. news begins anew, bombshell revelation in the murder of colorado's top prison chief and another guy. turns out the suspected killer was supposed to have been in prison. but a major mistake set him free, and now two innocent people are dead. another nuclear threat from lil' kim in north korea. one the administration calls extremely alarming. vowed to restarting their nuclear reactor, and another bizarre twist in the murder trial that will not end. a judge sending a juror packing. the woman who doesn't remember stabbing her lover, the defendant. so what did juror number five do to get the boot? that's all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00. investigators in texas and colorado were trying to figure out whether a white spremist prison gang is targeting and killing law enforcement officers. you may recall on saturday night, cops in the small town of kaufman -- the small area of kaufman county, texas, found the district attorney there and his wife ted in -- dead in their home. it was the second killing of a local prosecutor from n t
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.c. will now take over the case. >> brand-new details about a man suspected of killing a colorado prison chief. it turns out evan evil tampered with his ankle bracelet before that murder took place but it took a parole officer five days to check up on him. one showed up at his house before the murder but eb he l wasn't there. he was let out of prison because of clerical mistakes. he was killed in a shootout with police in texas. the gun found at the scene matched the ones used in a crime at colorado. a preview of 2016? vice president joe biden and hillary clinton sharing the stage at the voices event. it recognizes those who improved the plight of women around the world. it is presumed clinton and biden are widely eyeing a white house bid and some democrats pushed the clinton-biden ticket. the event was clinton's second public appearance since stepping down from the state department. that's your five at 5. >> just a few hours from now president obama heads to colorado to push for new gun control legislation. but he's coming under some serious fire for using decades-old information to sell a ke
. >> nice to see you. >> news begins anew on "studio b." cops in colorado putting out all-gent alert to find these two guys here. they're suspected white supremacists who could be connected to the murder of the colorado prison chief. they should be considered armed and dangerous. news right now. we have just gotten a report in the last minute or two that rescuers have just found a second hiker, one missing. comes as they found the woman's hiking partner confused and disoriented after days in the wilderness. we'll try to get that confirmed. the fallout over this bomb shell video. shale inmates, drugs, beer, even a loaded gun in jail. now the sheriff in charge of that lockup will have to explain himself in court. and we'll speak with authorities in charge unless breaking news changes everything. on studio b. >> but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the manhunt is on for two more than white supremacist gang members after the murled of colorado's corrections chief. these men are considered armed and dangerous, gunman walked up to the home of tom clements and shot him in texas, police kill
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his push for greater gun control to colorado. is there still a chance the congress will act. and the president writes checks to the american taxpayer. why is he giving back 5% of his salary. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >> let's begin with breaking news. a chilling development out of north korea that says the military has final approval for a attack on the united states. this is proof that the united states is planning to send a missile defense system to gaum where thousands of u.s. troops are based. we are in seoul, south korea. barbara starr has the latest information from the pentagon. what is the information? >> well, wolf, pentagon officials looking at the statement from north korea shaking their heads. the north koreans are not giving up on their rhetoric. most say they are not capable of striking the united states with a nuclear tip missile. but there are some 28,000 u.s. troops in south korea and the entire asia region, certainly on edge. one of the reasons, it is sending missiles to guam because the north koreans have threatened guam. even befor
in the wake of the murder of colorado's prison chief last month. investigators say they are examining any and all leads. gabe gutierrez is with us from kaufman county texas, tonight. gabe, good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening. according to a search warrant released this afternoon, police are looking at several things including -- and they say that the d.a. and his wife were shot multiple times. they are now subpoenaing cell phone records looking for clues. so far there is no evidence to definitively link any of the murders. today under the watchful eye of armed guards employees reported for work. >> definitely concerned. >> reporter: that concern comes as a manhunt is under way for a killer. district attorney mike mclelland and his wife cynthia were found shot to death in their home saturday in what local officials call a brazen, targeted attack. federal authorities tell nbc news they are analyzing two .22 caliber shell casings found in the house. >> we are very much on alert. we have folks out to do harm to elected officials. so we take it very seriously. >> reporter: two month
with water rights to the colorado river. >> it is accurate, more lawsuits, compact laws created to regulate what is collectively known as the law of the river. there's probably 13-15 major laws that have bannedded the whole 20th century, really, up until the present time, that talk about who gets how much of the water, and who can take it, how much every year, how to share it, and our relationship with mexico and the water as well. the colorado river is about 1450 miles long. it's not the longest river in north america by any means or have the most flow. probably number seven in terms of size, but it drops 8,000 feet or so from its source in the rockies, and it used to flow all the way down to the gulf of california reaching the ocean. it doesn't reach there very often anymore, only rare occasions does it get that far. there are seven states in the united states that depend on the river and two in mexico, so you have wyoming, which probably has the least amount of water, but it also has most of the source tributaries along with colorado, and nevada, utah, new mexico, and arizona and califor
for another shot of winter from colorado to minnesota. utah to the dakotas. severe thunderstorms and hail have already pelted parts of kansas. >> look at that. >> yeah, those are large pieces of hail there. and reports of tornadoes touching down in northern colorado as well. anything else in store for them, jennifer? she is tracking the system from the severe weather center. jim spellman is live in gold en colorado, where they could see a foot of snow. >> paint a picture for us, jim. >> it's just starting to switch over from rain to snow. it was shocking last night right around sundown. it dropped ten degrees, 20 degrees, 30 degrees in the course of an hour here. the roads are still clear. there are 400 plows on the roads in colorado ready to keep everything moving as best they can. at the airport, a few flights canceled. they'll be doing de-icing all day. they actually canceled school in denver and most of the suburban counties this morning. the first school day of the year here almost half way through april. they're taking the storm very seriously. they expect it to be an all day snow event.
valley city in a desert climate deals with water rights with the colorado river. >> it is considered to be the most litigated river in the world, and that is probably very accurate. more lawsuits, contracts, laws to regular what is collectively known as the law the river. there's probably 13, 15 major laws that have spanned the whole 20th century was up until the present time that is talked about who gets how much of this water and who can take it, how much every year, how to share it, and our relationship with mexico in the water as well. the colorado river is about 1450 miles long. it's not the longest river in north america by any means, notice of have the most flu. probably about number seven in terms of size, but it drops 8000 feet or so from its source in the rockies. it used to go all the way down to the gulf of california, which then the ocean but it doesn't reach very often anymore. only rare occasions does it get that far. there are seven states in the united states that depend on the river, and two in mexico. so you have wyoming them which probably has the least amount of
of a district attorney and his wife, and prosecutors in colorado seek the death penalty for the gunman in the movie theater massacre. >> warner: from india, fred de sam lazaro reports on efforts to tackle violence against women, after the gang rape and murder of a medical student last year. >> any woman is subject to some kind of punishment. the men don't see it as harassment. >> woodruff: hari sreenivasan examines the case r an against using public money to help pay for private schools. plus, on the "daily download," the conversation about same sex marriage turns facebook red. >> it raises the visibility, i think, in a way that we haven't seen and probably energizes those who feel like this is the moment that gay marriage is finally getting cultural acceptance. >> woodruff: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> more than two years ago th people of b. madecommment to the gulf. every day since we've worked hard to keep it. today the beaches and gulf are open for everyone to enjoy. we shared what we've learned so we can all
happened in colorado and washington state in november was truly unprecedented. before then, no modern jurisdiction have ever remove the prohibition on the commercial production, distribution or possession of marijuana for nonmedical purposes. not even the netherlands. that's what's interesting. a lot of people say why can we look at the netherlands and see what they did? if you're over 18 and you walk into one of those coffee shops in amsterdam you would be able to buy 5 grams. they have an official policy of not enforcing the law against small transactions so you think about it being legal in the front door of a coffee shop. but it's still illegal to produce and to sell the marijuana to those coffee shops so it's actually illegal. so what that does is it in place the price. so where was passed in washington and colorado it would allow for-profit companies to come produce and it's very different. it's just very different from other terms that gets thrown around like decriminalization. a lot of people use legalization and decriminalization interchangeably in that's incorrect. that just
are seeking a potential link with last month's killing of the colorado prison chief. the main suspect there was killed in a texas shootout. i'm going to stop here and bring in a former prosecutor who knows a thing or two about how dangerous it could be to prosecute bad guys. nancy grace joins me by telephone. as many years as a prosecutor i know you must know it is not an easy job that prosecutors do. do you see any potential coincidence or do you think this is becoming a targeted pattern? >> thank you for having me. good morning. i have always said, my entire legal career, there is no coincidence in criminal law. interesting the colorado prison chief was also killed. that gun has absolutely been linked up to a gun used in a texas shootout. so the possibility that the texas murders are linked to colorado murders is very high. i do think there was absolutely a link in all three texas killings. and by all three i'm referring to mike mclelland, the actual elected district attorney, his wife cynthia both found dead in their home. and hasse, an assistant district attorney. interesting also
message on changing the nation's gun laws to colorado where the horror of last year's aurora massacre is very raw and very real. >> mark sanford is a step closer in his come back quest winning a run off and basking in the victory of a surprise supporter by itself side. fair warning. if you think it's too early to talk about 2016, you better get over it. every time joe biden and hillary clinton walk into the room, that's the only thing anybody talks about. what's what happened last night. good morning from washington, it's wednesday, april 3rd. a jack packed edition. which one of you opens on thursday. go to send it in. let's get right to the first read of the morning. with gun legislation stalled, president obama heads to denver to tell congress to act more like colorado. a state with a long tradition of gun rights that expanded background checks to all private gun sales and place restrictions on high capacity magazines. the president will speak before heading to san francisco for four fund-raisers tonight and tomorrow. just miles from the movie theater, the president will take his me
facility is the biggest secret of my childhood. i grew up in colorado just outside of denver, between boulder and denver and when i was a kid, we swam in l.a., rubber horses run the field and were outside all the time that we never knew what was going on at rocky flats. when i was a kid, it is separated by dow chemical and the river and our neighbor had his favor making household cleaning supplies. in fact, my mother was convinced they are making scrubbing bubbles. over the course of 38 years, rocky flats produced more than 70,000 plutonium triggers for nuclear weapons. each button or trigger contains enough readable articles of plutonium to kill every person on earth. there is extensive decontamination in our neighborhood and we never know. later, like a lot of kids in my neighborhood, i went to work at rocky flats myself. today i quit this today with some day write a book about it. 10 years of research and writing women into this boat and i read it to discover what happened to learn everything i could about plutonium and nuclear weapons and the crucial role to play a play during and
said the country needs to follow colorado's lead. >>> it happened in san leandro and he is identified as andre smith. this follow is the earlier arrest of smith's arrival and they are accused of killing a 50-year-old man who was waiting for a bus south side the -- outside the bart station. he was an innocent bystander who got caught. people who have been nominated, they include a fire chief and the ceo chamber of commerce. they will set policies for renaming them and they established efforts to rename the airport after slain activist harvey milk. >>> they now want a meeting with commissioner of baseball. live in san jose with the story, janine de la vega, what is this all about? >> reporter: well, this is a letter that chuck reid sent to bud sellic and there are other supporters of the proposed project. you can see it says behind us, come on bud in the aid to san jose. now they say the stadium could have been under construction by now and reed points out they put the stadiumish to you a a public vote because major league baseball asked
. released from prison by mistake? the suspect in the colorado prison murder got out four years too early. michael jackson's $40 billion wrongful death lawsuit begins today. plus, the tan mom pushes new jersey governor chris christie to change tanning laws. louisville's kevin ware should be released from the hospital today and jay leno and jimmy fallon's late night duet. >>> got to see that. good morning everybody. i'm betty nguyen. imagine waking up and told you are required by law to own a gun and ammunition. if you live in georgia that's what happened. in a 5-0 vote on monday night, city council members approved the controversial new firearm mandate containing a number of exceptions. >> that doesn't mean that they're going to be somebody knocking at their door and say you have to it. if you do not want to have a firearm, you don't have to have it. >> convicted felons and physically or mentally disabled residents are also exempt from the law, which according to the city council agenda is in "opposition of future attempt by the federal government to confiscate personal firearms." now, on
refusing to die poulterer sources for the aurora colorado shooting and south korea on full alert for a north korean missile launch. former pentagon official joins us to talk about when and where. new polls tonight for a committee to investigate last year's deadly been gauzy attacked -- benghazi attack with the group of special operations veterans are now asking congress to get the answers for the american people. our correspondent has the live report. >> signed by more than 700 and operations of the group is best known for the hard-line stance against what is described as damaging national security leaks with the raid that killed osama bin london and they explained why benghazi still matters. >> if we wait long enough maybe it will go away but we owe the truce to the american people and particularly the families of the fallen. >> and includes a 16.investigation from the documented warnings before the attack to the realtime decisionmaking of the president and secretary clinton and the defense department on the night of september 11th it reads in part america has held to the notion
in colorado. >> bill: that is where the big super max prison. here in new york, a guy drove a truck full of explosives. you remember the guy. >> that was may 1st, 2010. he was a naturalized american citizen but originally from pakistan. this individual pled guilty, ten counts. is also doing life without possibility of parole. he was able to avoid the death penalty. >> bill: where is he. >> kimberly: he is stated penitentiary, florence, colorado. >> bill: he is in the federal pen. >> knock also on you mean. >> bill: i'm sorry. is he where nichols is. >> same facility. >> bill: the other guy, underwear bomber. >> he is also an individual that pled guilty in october of 2011 to eight counts. he is also doing life without possibility of parole. of course, this is the famous case where he tried to detonate it. he is still charged with all those acts of terror. >> bill: he didn't kill anybody but they both got life. >> he is in the same penitentiary in colorado. >> bill: shoe bomber, he tried to blow up a plane on christmas day. richard reid? >> he got on plane from paris to miami. he tried to
a deadly weekend in ski country. we'll go to colorado where the avalanche struck. >>> states of emergency in the midwest tonight as dozens of rivers have overflowed their banks triggering deadly flooding. nbc's john yang has the latest from clarksville, missouri. john, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. so far, this round of the river versus man is going to the residents of clarksville, missouri. four days of furious sandbagging have kept the water from inundating downtown. >> okay. ready? >> reporter: trish connelly had planned to open a new fine arts gallery in clarksville's historic downtown this weekend. instead, she's been sandbagging to try to save it. >> everybody's pulling and helping. we could just still use more help. >> reporter: this town 75 miles north of st. louis has flooded at least 4 times in the last 18 years. this year, it's come early. the high water forced the army corps of engineers to close locks and halt traffic. two bridges were closed for several hours after more than 100 barges broke loose saturday night south of st. louis. it's a far cry from just
, robert mendez new jersey, chuck schumer new york and michael bennett colorado and i think schumer is the head of this group. >> yes, he is. >> go ahead. >> well, senator schumer and mccain met with reporters last week, and basically mccain said if they pass this bill republic the republicans back on the playing field where they can compete. you can't compete in a country where the hispanics are going to be the majority of some states. so there is political incentive on the republicans side. americans for tax reform did a poll among republicans only. two-thirds of republicans support this bill as it's described. you call it amnesty. i don't call it amnesty if you have to pay back taxes, pay some pretty hefty fees and it's 13 years before you can become citizen. but this does legalize people, gets them out of the shadows, and strengthens our defenses, frankly, if you know who is in the country as opposed to just having people in the shadows. and i would say call them undocumented immigrants. illegal aliens i think is a rather offensive determine. >> undocumented democrats. >> they a
for the death penalty in colorado; the campaign against domestic violence in india; the state of the voucher movement; and facebook turning red. but first, the other news of the day, here's hari sreenivasan. >> sreenivasan: a southwest virginia interstate reopened today after a massive pileup killed three people and injured dozens more. yesterday police officials said dense fog triggered 17 separate crashes along i-77 yesterday, all within the span of a mile. the chain reaction involved 95 vehicles in a notoriously foggy mountainous area near the north carolina border. the top court in india rejected a patent application from a swiss drug maker for a major cancer drug. the ruling means indian makers of generic drugs can keep on making copycat versions of the novartis drug in question, gleevec. it's been highly effective in treating some forms of leukemia. the decision sets a benchmark for intellectual property cases in india. novartis responded to today's decision by saying it will not invest in drug research there. calm returned to the streets of kisumu, kenya, today after a weekend of heav
in colorado, president obama using denver police officers as a back drop for his gun control speech. cops as props? a lot of police officers were not happy with the president, including larimer county sheriff justin smith. he joins me. good evening, sir. >> good evening, greta. >> greta: nice to see you, and sheriff, presidents on both sides of the aisles have been doing it for decades, using people as props for their point. today it's sort of cops as props and what do you think about it? >> you know, i agree with the line level denver police ith th was completely inappropriate. these officers have a job to do they should be on the street protecting their community, not used as political props. the officers i talked to were disgusted they had been coerced and cajoled into trying to get them on, to be on stage. >> you know, some of the police officers didn't show up today, or didn't stand by the president. is that in part because of the have controversial new gun control law in colorado. is that distressing members of law enforcement? >> that's what really went over the he edge. i personal
, esta con nosotros el senador michael bennett de colorado, uno de los llamados miembros del grupo de los 8, o del gan de los 8 que apoyan la reforma migratoria. (hablan en inglÉs). >> gracias por invitarme, y yo lo llamo el grupo de los 8 porque asÍ le gusta a john mccain. >> perfecto, vamos a usarlo, como el grupo de los 8. >> senador, ya estamos en abril y ni en el senado, ni en la cÁmara de representantes hay una propuesta concreta para cambiar las leyes migratorias, ¿esto es preocupante? >> bueno, creo que estamos muy cerca del grupo de los 8 en el senado, hemos estado trabajando muy intensamente durante meses y tenemos la esperanza de presentar un proyecto de ley en algÚn momento en el futuro cercano, estamos hablando de dÍas. >> es decir, la noticia es que ¿podemos esperar que esta prÓxima semana habrÁ un anuncio de reforma migratoria? >> ciertamente, esa es nuestra esperanza y nuestra meta, vamos a ver si lo logramos. >> ahora, si hay una reforma migratoria ¿usted nos puede asegurar que en el senado va a incluir un camino a la ciudadanÍa para millones de inmigrantes
concerns the colorado plateau and the unique landscapes of southern utah. [page stegner] there's no place like it on earth, i think. the colorado plateau is absolutely unique-- bony, flinty, hard, sometimes inhospitable, but absolutely the landscape of god. [bruce babbitt] the empty spaces in the west are filling up. it's no longer a remote, rural area, these vast urban areas are now coming up all over the west, and either we learn to plan our presence in a compact form, or this kind of sprawling, metastasis of development will just continue to creep outward and ultimately threaten and quite possibly destroy much of what's left. narrator the grand staircase-escalante national monument was created by president clinton in 1996. [mike noel] back in '96, people were very upset by the creation of the monument, the way it was done under the clinton-gore administration. kind of done in the dark of night, in arizona, with no input from utah congressional delegation or the governor's office. so we were very unhappy with that. [narrator] this area in southern utah encompasses almost 2 million acres
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